University Services

Some services of library or university (for example of HRZ) can only be used, if you have a uni IP address. In the StudNet you cannot use some of the university services directly, because the StudNet use a other IP address space as the university. You can take a univeristy IP by using a modified user name during login to use library or search services like Juris Online.

Using a Modified User Name

You can get a internet IP address of the IP address space of the university Bonn (uni IP) by using a modified user name. You have to add a suffix to the normal user name:

zxxxxx –>

Please note, that the resources are limited. Please use a connection with this user name only for this time you need a uni IP for uni or search services. If you use a connection with this user name permanently for other purposes, your account can be blocked. The traffic is counted. The firewall block all incoming connections.

Further information of available database you can find on the web pages ULB der Universität Bonn and Datenbanken und E-Zeitschriften der Uni Bonn.