Wifi router IPoE settings

One of the tested and recommended wifi router should be used for Internet connection in the StudNet.

In order to check and adjust the configuration settings you need to access the configuration website of the router. The address is printed on the back of router or can be found in the manual. Use the login data printed on the back of the wifi router for access to the configuration website, if you have not already changed the login credentials.

If you can not access the configuration website, you might need to restore the factory default. Instructions on how to do that can be found in the router manual.

Configuration settings

TP-Link wifi router ASUS wifi router

Most accounts (not all) with move-in date on the renting contract BEFORE February 2022 do use the (old) PPTP login system.

Which system is in use for your StudNet account can be found in the registration e-mail (Startup).