IPv6 support


The Internet protocol of next generation (IPv6) is available in the StudNet. You receive the IP address automatically by login via PPTP VPN connection (Internet login). When you login normally, you get an address with a dynamic changing IPv6 prefix. If you want to have a static IPv6 address space, you must add -ip1 to the user name (zxxxxx-ip1). Thus the system will always give you the same IPv6 /64 prefix and you can use it at the interface. In addition, the system routes another /64 prefix on the PPP device and here the 64. bit of IPv6 address is increased by one.

Example with login zxxxxx-ip1:

2a00:5ba0:8000:1872::/64 on the interface, addresses are assigned automatically
(router advertisement)
2a00:5ba0:8000:1873::/64 as route on the interface

In this example the prefix 2a00:5ba0:8000:1873::/64 can be used in an own IPv6 subnetwork.

Testing IPv6 connection

Currently only few providers have converted their server services completely to IPv6. The webpage of RIPE is automatically displayed via IPv6. When you open http://www.ripe.net and see an address beginning with 2a00:5ba0:8000 on the right hand side, you see this page via IPv6.

In addition, the following big webpages are attainable via IPv6:

There are webpages for testing IPv6 connection on the Internet: