Wifi router connect

On a wifi router you have different types of network ports. The single (blue) port, which is labeled with WAN or Internet, has to be connected to the network socket in your room. Otherwise your network socket could get blocked or there will be a malfunction. In addition, the router has to be connected to the power supply.

The type of network socket in your room can vary to the one in the picture.

To set up your wifi router, your computer has to be connected to the router. Use a cable connection between one of the four (yellow) LAN ports at the wifi router and your computer, or the wireless connection of the router. If you have trouble connecting by wifi, take a look at the manufacturer's manual for help.

If the wifi router was in usage before, please restore the factory default to reset all settings prior to installation. Instructions on how to do that can be found in the manufacturer's manual.

If your computer's settings are correct, the configuration mask of the router (TP-Link/ASUS) is accessible. The default wifi password can often be found printed on the backside of the router.