VPN login for Microsoft Windows

In general it is strongly recommended to use a compatible wifi router. In that way several devices can be connected at the same time and the connection is less prone to interference. If a wifi router is used, the login connection must be set up on the router ONLY: wifi router setup

For StudNet accounts with move-in date on the renting contract BEFORE February 2022 or in some shared apartments you need to set up an Internet login on the connected device to be able to use the Internet.

For this purpose a VPN connection needs to be set up on Microsoft Windows if the computer is directly connected by cable to the network socket in the room. To set up the VPN connection please follow the instructions for your Microsoft Windows version:

Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7

Most accounts with move-in date on the renting contract AFTER January 2022 do however use the IPoE system for which there is no need to configure a separate Internet login.

Information on which system is in use for your StudNet account can be found in the registration e-mail (Startup) or by login on https://netstat.stw-bonn.de.