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 +====== Wifi routers ======
 +If you would like to use a wifi router within the <php> echo cygnus_netname_en();​ </​php>,​ the device must support the DHCP-supported PPTP VPN dial-in as WAN protocol, also called **PPTP Dual access**.
 +Routers that only support PPTP passthrough or VPN, and DSL wifi routers are not compatible.
 +Support for the required protocol is only available from some manufacturers and only on specific models, which are listed below.
 +Devices without a cable connection or dial-in setup (smart phone, tablet, game console, ...) can get Internet access through the wifi router.
 +For an undisturbed wifi connection we recommend newer router models with wifi standard 5 (802.11ac) or better in combination with devices, which support 5GHz wifi.
 +==== Hints for using a wifi router ====
 +If you use a wifi router, read the following information to reduce the risk of network socket lock or malfunction:​
 +  * [[en:​support:​internet:​wlan_router:​wlan_plugin|How to connect a wifi router to the network socket]]
 +  * [[en:​support:​internet:​wlan_router:​frequency|2.4 or 5 GHz wifi]]
 +  * [[en:​support:​internet:​wlan_router:​clonemac|Do not use the "MAC Clone" function]]
 +==== Other routers (with OpenWRT) ====
 +Alternatively you can also use certain router models of other manufacturers,​ on which you install the OpenWRT firmware.
 +You will need a good knowledge of Linux though.
 +Instruction for setup can be found at (in German only):
 +  * [[support:​internet:​wlan_router:​openwrt|OpenWRT with PPTP VPN]]