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 +====== Check network settings ======
 +Whether the network settings of the connected device are valid and a connection to the local network was successful can be detected by opening <php> echo cygnus_supsite();​ </​php>​. **This website is accessible without an Internet dial-in.**
 +If this is **NOT** the case, you do not have a working connection to the local network. Please read below to follow instructions for your operating system:
 +<php> echo showButton("​Windows",​ "​en:​support:​internet:​checklan:​checklan_win"​);​ </​php>​
 +<php> echo showButton("​Apple macOS",​ "​en:​support:​internet:​checklan:​checklan_mac"​);​ </​php>​
 +<php> echo showButton("​Linux",​ "​en:​support:​internet:​checklan:​checklan_linux"​);​ </​php>​